Client Stories

dandelionHere are some examples of Lili’s work with clients ranging from divorce services and mediation, to financial planning and investment management.

Lili, thank you so much. Again, I appreciate your help and honestly, couldn’t have done it without you.  I have been telling people that seeing you was probably the best money I ever spent.— Client Kathryn

Thanks, Lili. That’s wonderful and succinct. You’ve consistently pointed out issues that my attorney has missed. I really appreciate your input. — Client Matthew

My meeting with opposing attorney went great. Your spreadsheets were invaluable. We need to really get them to the max number the couple really spend and take out of the business. I plan on taking you to next meting with the opposing attorney if need be. She has said she will agree not to have to litigate this if we can clearly show the numbers. She seemed to buy what you did thus far. I need you to answer any questions she may have. — Attorney Amy

Both Jenna and Mark prefer the finality of a property settlement over the potential modifiability of periodic alimony. They are sincerely trying to “get to yes.” I advised them to consult with you for the financial and tax consequences pros and cons of Mark’s offer for each of them. They could do no better. — Attorney and Mediator Howard

Sometimes financial folks (us included) explain things in a way that we understand and it may not be clear to clients or anything that they care about (it may end up sounding like Charlie Brown’s school teacher after a while). But I have heard you speak a few times (and read some of your material) and think that you are excellent at speaking in a way that people can understand including being cognizant of the emotional aspects of what they are going through. I can tell that you pride yourself on this ability. — Financial Planner Mike

I just wanted to write a note of thanks to you. I walked around all day yesterday, not really sure whether I could believe our Wednesday meeting actually happened.  And I’ll still be nervous until the agreement is signed. I was frankly astonished at how quickly and simply we finalized the support package. But I wanted to express my sincere gratitude to you. We never would have gotten to this point in such a good place without you.  And for me personally, you were such an important voice of reason and equitable compromise. I will be forever in your debt for the professionalism and caretaking you showed to both my wife and myself. So, thank you again for everything. — Collaborative client Derrick

Thanks for the Financial Affidavit and thanks for the great work I enjoyed working with you on both the cases. I look forward to many more cases in the future. — Attorney Gerard

You were right on as always! — Client Leslie

Many thanks for all of your help, Lili. The mediator told us that this would have cost each of us $40,000-50,000 if done without mediation and your assistance. I truly feel that I’m coming out of this well; the depression is lessening, and I’m starting to feel energized! — Client Amee

Lili, I really appreciate you taking the risk that day and being yourself and being the spark for me to be myself, which in turn touches others….It’s like you were the pebble that caused ripples of connection, love and humanity, for which I am eternally grateful! — Mediator Laurie

If I have NOT conveyed my deepest heart felt gratitude to you let me do it at this time.  When I was feeling the depths of despair you and only you were a beacon of hope that this will be OK. After I asked my Attorney to retain you based on your suggestion and her reply was your services were unnecessary, along with my disappointment of her handling this case so far, I have chosen to seek another Attorney.  I will be interviewing several this week and I will let you know who I have chosen. I want and recognize the value of your services and as we agreed I will ask my NEW attorney to retain you on a hourly basis. Thank you for your compassion, your knowledge and your support. You have touched me deeply. I value you and the services you can provide to assist me in the dissolution of my legal tie to my husband. — Client Jackie

Lili, it certainly has been a pleasure to have had the benefit your very able assistance during this process. A thousand thanks for your professionalism, patience, and helpfulness. — Client Jerry

Thank you for your prompt response. I feel better already. In your few sentences, you have given me direction. I do have some things in mind, but I am not confident in my ideas. I will meet with my attorney on Friday afternoon to hear what he suggests and hold off drafting my reply until I meet with you. — Client Valerie



Your words of encouragement mean the world to me. Your belief in me means more than you can imagine!  — Client Marla

I am still so in awe over our meeting each other, and helping each other. I also was and am— still incredibly impressed with you. — Client Katie

A very warm thanks from me, Marilyn and the members of the Divorce Support Group for your presentation yesterday. I don’t think I need to tell you how well it was received.  I think it was the best presentation we’ve had. Great to see you! — Therapist Donna

My thanks to you for providing such thoughtful and interesting presentation. I wish I knew you many years ago! I think you gave people lots to consider, and I am glad we had a chance for you to answer questions. You are a class act! — Youth Services Parent Group

My attorney is serving my Husband with 6 motions next week – the beat goes on but at least I know how to keep records and stand up for myself and for the boys thanks to you! — Client Kris

Thanks Lili. You seem to make everything feel a little better. — Attorney Neil

Thanks again for who you are and for being such a great support and coach. When this is all over, count on me to write accolades, tomes, volumes, prose, pages, notes, poems, chapters, verses, and song in your testimonial book. — Client Debbie

My wife and I are very lucky to have you as advisor to our mediation, and I am so reassured that my wife will have someone of your wisdom and talent to guide her in financial planning after the divorce. — Clients Jack and Sarah

It’s wonderful to have everything settled and to be able to go on with my life.  It’s a huge relief. You were a tremendous help throughout so much of the process.  If it would ever be helpful for me to serve as a reference, I would, of course, be delighted to do so.  Thanks for your offer to help out with moving to the next stage.— Client Jillian

Thank you for agreeing to serve as my representative ( “surrogate “) in regard to my various accounts and trusts with my bank. I would like to have a better understanding of my profits, losses, rtc. with someone else to trust and confide in regularly. I am so happy that you are in my life, and that I can turn to you, and rely on your friendship. And your knowledge. Thank you for listening and comforting me as my advisor. — Investment Client Marti

I am so proud of you! You are the most high energy, accomplished person that I know and THE BENCHMARK for demonstrating how to successfully market your practice. You are also a dear friend! — Attorney Linda

Your presentation was excellent. I did receive your very polished brochures. They are impressive, as are you! — Mediator Janet

Lili, thank you for meeting with me so fast. You are an amazing individual and I found it very good to talk with you.  You have a great style and it is very comfortable to work with you. I am so happy my attorney told me about you! — Client Cathy

I just read an article in USA Today regarding divorce near retirement age where you were quoted numerous times. I could almost hear you telling me those same things. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you once again for all the great advice and help you gave me during the most unsettling time of my life. I appreciate all you did for me more than you can ever know. — Client Melinda

God bless your work!  You gave many people information to assist through some tough times — Client Sharon

Meeting you was one of the few bright spots in that very dark time in my life when I was going through my divorce (2002-2003)! I tell everyone I know who’s in a similar bad place about you, because they could benefit from your services. — Client Kelly

Besides being joyful to be with, you are a wonderful addition to the important information on First Wives World and your expert financial knowledge will help many women. — Founder Debbie

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your blend of professionalism with genuine care and kindness! And your understanding in my completely stressful and overly-packed life right now is really appreciated! — Client Tami

Just a quick note to say thank you for the long meeting today.  I left feeling much better — more positive, hopeful and confident that you can help me sort these confusing numbers out and make sense of things. — Client Lucy

Lili, I am not sure you remember me, but you worked on my divorce about 7 years ago. You were very professional and compassionate and I appreciated that, even though we were adversaries at the time. Thank you for your sanity at a difficult time. — Opposing spouse Bob

The “thank you” goes to YOU for being a wonderful guest. Your interview was terrific. Thank you for all your time and effort in providing great information to our community. — Radio Talk Show Host

My settlement agreement has been finalized and signed and I avoided court. Thanks for your expert advice and assistance. — Client Andrew

Thank you, Lilli.  You’ve done what I asked. I feel like I’m finally in good hands! — Client Jill

You’re the best, Lili. I refer all to you. No joke. See so many in need of your help among colleagues as well as in my practice. — Psychologist Patricia

We consolidated and completed all of the transactions in our main account a while back and are very pleased so far with how it’s doing.   We still need to finish up with the retirement funds. Thanks for following up and we’ll be in touch if we have any further questions. — Clients Husband and Wife for Assets under Management

You have been so helpful in showing me how to interpret the complicated financial statements. Thanks so much! We are moving along. — Client Nancy

I can’t tell you how helpful it was to get your advice and insights during this difficult time. You helped give me the ammunition to fight for a better divorce decree. Thank you. — Client Sharon

Dear Lili, I wanted to thank you once again for taking time out of your busy schedule to come to the Law School and speak with our students.  The service you provide is invaluable. I had a few students come back to me to tell me that they were very impressed with your talk, it was very insightful. I thought that you should hear the positive feedback that I received and that I have received each year for the past four years.  Thank you again very much and I look forward to seeing you again next year. — Yale Law School 

We are meeting today to hopefully finalize all the documents. Thank you for all your excellent work in putting this together. — Review Counsel Vicki