Litigation Support Overview

Our firm’s president Lili Vasileff is qualified as an expert in the courts of Connecticut in matrimonial matters and is the only national divorce financial planning expert with TASA Consulting Services, North America’s Largest and Most Experienced Expert Referral Service™. She is also a Master Analyst in Financial Forensics™ (MAFF) specializing in Matrimonial Litigation.

Our firm can help you:

Discovery phase: document production; data collection and review; damages estimation; review opposition’s report; develop deposition lines of question for opposition

Before filing the complaint: estimate economic damages; assess and induce settlement

Settlement & pre-trial phase: presentation of economic damages; evaluate settlement offers; develop strategies for settling

Trial phase: prepare expert report; prepare expert testimony; develop lines of questions for opposition

We Provide: We Define and Quantify Economic Damages:
  • Court testimony
  • Lifestyle analysis
  • Net worth statements
  • Asset tracing
  • Financial forensic analysis
  • Financial projections
  • Present value calculations
  • Dissipation of assets
  • Dissipation of Income
  • Fraud
  • Loss of Economic Opportunity (Compensation; Retirement; Investment)
  • Economic costs for relocation
  • Longevity of assets from settlement